Saturday, December 22, 2012

Telecom turtle might bring more than increased sales

A recent series of adverts for Telecom in New Zealand features a young boy and his pet turtle.  The adverts are quite funny and obviously are appealing to adults and children alike.  They may even result in more sales of cellphones.  Apparently, a side effect of this advertising is greatly increased sales of turtles, which are now practically unobtainable, according to the 3-News this evening.

If you have bought a baby turtle, or are given one for Christmas, make sure that you wash your hands carefully after handling it and that children are instructed on hygiene - touching or kissing turtles (why would you?) might result in a Salmonella infection.  Don't forget that the infecting dose for Salmonella may be quite small and the bacteria are easily transferred from hands to mouth.  I'm not sure of the incidence of Salmonella in turtles in New Zealand, but in America, there is a high frequency of carriage in baby turtles, with a concomitant infection rate in children.

Be careful out there, folks.

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