Friday, May 28, 2010

Safe Food has a following!

I noticed today that someone has become a Follower of Safe Food. Thanks, Kim.

You can keep track of new posts if you click the "Follow" tag next to the search box at the top of Safe Food. Your picture, contact details and other followings will appear in my Blogger Dashboard, but currently will not appear on the page. If you have a Blogger Dashboard, you can set up a reading list and new postings will appear there.

You can also subscribe to Safe Food by clicking on the RSS symbol at the right hand end of your browser address bar.  You will receive an e-mail notification each time I add a new post.

You can search Safe Food by entering Label terms into the search box in the page header. You will find an alphabetical list of all the Labels I have used under the Blog Archive.

You will also find under the Labels list a few links to other food safety sites that I read.

I hope that these enhancements will help you to benefit from reading Safe Food.

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